Neck and Back Pain

Each patient's neck and back treatment is tailored to their unique situation. We understand there maybe other factors contributing to your pain. That's why we work hard to develop a comprehensive approach to address all areas that may affect your pain. Then we teach you how to prevent recurrence.

Chronic Sport Injuries

Chronic tendinopathies and joint injuries can be very difficult to treat if not addressed properly. Many times scar tissue can interfere with healing especially after surgery that was many months ago. The same with tendinitis or tendinopathies that do not seem to get better. ASTYM in combination with correcting mechanics and manual therapy has been proven highly effective in accelerating recovery.

Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain can result for many reasons. Sometimes there maybe a joint restriction or simply an overworked muscle. At times it may be a stress related problem that has developed into chronic pain.We utiliza a variety interventions including Dry Needling to resolve your pain.

Orofacial Pain

Orofacial disorders may have pain and associated symptoms arising from a postoperative or post-dental procedure, or may be syndromes in which face pain constitutes the primary problem such as TMJ disorders, sinus-like symptoms that do not resolve with medicine as well as headaches. We examine and treat the muscles and joints in the neck, face and intraoral structures responsible for the pain.

Persistent Pain

Each person's pain story is unique. We understand there many factors that contribute to your persistent pain. While we work to reduce the pain in your muscles and joints, we also teach you about pain mechanisms and help you understand the nervous system what you can do to lessen your pain.